Why Pray?

21 Sep

D.A. Carson answers the ancient question, If God knows everything, why pray?, while sitting in front of a giant screensaver.

Good answer. I would ask the inquirer this question, “If God does not know everything, why pray?” If God is not the sovereign King of all He creates… if He is just as surprised by our experiences as we are… then what assurance do we have that He will hear our prayers at all (let alone do anything about them)? I would rather pray to a God who knows all things, controls all things, and rules over all things. That God has the ability to answer prayer in alignment with His perfect wisdom, power, and authority. The fact that God knows everything should be a great comfort to us when we pray. If He didn’t, our hope would be fastened to the inadequate abilities of an imperfect deity who wishes he could do more for us than he can. Thankfully, our God is better than that.


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