Morning Coffee

05 Dec

Here are the stories I put in my coffee this morning.

  • My Favorite Santa Claus Story (Reprise)
  • He was zealous for Christ’s honor and unwavering in his doctrinal convictions. He was even willing to confront error and heresy head on if necessary. (And not merely by putting coal in Arius’s stocking.)

  • Did Jesus Die to Save Everyone?
  • Focusing on the intent rather than the extent of the atonement also steers us away from trying to “quantify” the atonement in commercial or mathematical terms and instead brings the purposes of our triune God front and center.

  • What Will You Say to Jesus?
  • “Well, Lord, you see, I was just more spiritual than they were.” “I read more books than they did.” “I always had a way of making good decisions.” No. You won’t say that.

  • The Most Important Session of All
  • We Americans pride ourselves on living in a democracy, but as Christians we live in a kingdom, one that is actively ruled by the King of kings. His reign is ongoing. Jesus is King at this moment. He is on His throne even now.

Bonus Excerpt:

  • Escaping the “Cage Stage”
  • But a zeal for the truth that manifests itself in obnoxiousness won’t convince anyone of the biblical truth of Reformed theology. As many of us can attest from personal experience, it will actually push them away.

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