Morning Coffee

11 Dec

Here are the stories I put in my coffee this morning.

  • Who wrote Hebrews? God did
  • Every book of the Bible has God as its author and is consistent with external reality and internal unity. However, the divine nature of Scripture does not eradicate its human element. The human authors wrote with their own vocabulary and emphasis.

  • Tolkien and the Long Defeat
  • In other words, if fighting the long defeat does not lead us to risk our reputations to love the outcasts, to stay with the chronically ill in love, to support ministry to those with Alzheimer’s disease, or to prepare week in and week out for a one-person Bible study, we have misunderstood it.

  • Cultivating a Longing for God’s Word
  • No man, however close he may get or well-intentioned he may be, will ever carry the power of the word of God. There is no substitute for personal meditation on the word of God.

  • Is There a Point to the Last Minutes of Suffering Before Death?
  • What this means is that no suffering is meaningless. None of it is wasted. The last cry of pain, leading to death, is not merely followed with glory, but rewarded with peculiar glory — a special glory prepared for the sufferer and by the suffering.

  • Does Jesus Have One Nature, or Two?
  • The Council of Chalcedon, in dealing with the mystery of the incarnation and affirming Jesus’ two natures, said that His two natures are perfectly united in such a way that they are not confused or mixed, divided or separated.

Hobbit Week Bonus:

  • The Allure of Middle-Earth
  • Today, kings are mostly marginalized to meaningless pageantry. But there remains in kingship an enduring significance that is inescapable, something deeply burned into our souls, something telling us the world will only prosper when it’s ruled by the true king.

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