Morning Coffee – 01/17/14

17 Jan

Here are the stories I put in my coffee this morning.

  • The Weakness of the World’s Strongest Man
  • When the writer of Hebrews listed the Old Testament heroes of faith, he included Samson (Hebrews 11:32). Really? Samson’s story, recorded in Judges 13–16, reads like a narcissistic super hero’s whose Kryptonite weakness does him in in the end.

  • To Be Tired of Luther…
  • There you have it: the success of the Reformation depended upon the sheer power of God’s Word. And, of course, on the quality of Wittenberg beer.

  • Welcome to Seminary—Now What? How to Be Faithful as a Seminary Student
  • Take every class you can and put knowledge in your ministry bank. While you are agile and mobile, take a trip to go visit a ministry you want to see up close. Tell the folks back home what you are learning, and let them see and sense your excitement. They are already excited about you.

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