Morning Coffee – 02/07/14

07 Feb

Here are the stories I put in my coffee this morning.

  • “My Name is Todd and Arminians Have Been Mean to Me.”
  • I suppose we can ask Calvinists to be less confident in their doctrine or that they take a softer stand on Joel Osteen and substitutionary atonement. But then we would be robbing Calvinists of some of the fun in being a Calvinist. And who wants to be around an unhappy Calvinist?

  • Don’t Pray Like a Pagan
  • Christians can easily fall into a pattern of praying in a repetitious fashion, without engaging their minds.

  • Trained
  • When you can see the manoeuvres of the enemy, even where you cannot prevent combat, you can at least prevent surprise.

  • Why We Need Pastors with Big Hearts
  • Seminary is a place to be instructed and equipped, even though the vital experiences can’t all be simulated. Pastors must understand pain, even when they can’t understand every pain from the inside.

  • Investing in Your Crown of Exultation
  • We’re here to get into each other’s kitchen, to ask the hard questions, to give of our time and energy, to be devoted to one another in prayer, to model for one another how to put off sin and put on righteousness, and ten thousand other things as we seek to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel.

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