Morning Coffee – 02/21/14

21 Feb

Here are the stories I put in my coffee this morning.

  • The Flower and Life of True Religion
  • Any thought of joy as being the “icing on the cake” of the Christian life, or a “take-it-or-leave-it” fruit of the Spirit, falls woefully short of the biblical testimony.

  • The Danger of Forgetting How to Read the Bible
  • Leaders stumble for many reasons, and while I could argue that a zealous seminarian has little in common with a vain or depressed middle-aged leader, there is at least one common thread: My peers and my students can both stop reading the Bible as we should.

  • The Christian’s Glorious Freedom
  • Believers sometimes wrongly assume: “I have sinned; therefore, sin still has authority over me. I cannot possibly have ‘died’ to sin.”

  • “Be Anxious for Nothing.” Why?
  • Whether it’s fear, or stress, or a full-blown panic attack, we need to address anxiety as the sin it is – namely, a focus on what might happen without placing confidence in the sovereignty of God.

Match-up Bonus:

  • Eclectic Shock
  • Now that, I thought, is one three-way gentlemanly cage-fight I’d like to tell my grandchildren about.

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