Morning Coffee – 03/26/14

26 Mar

Here are the stories I put in my coffee this morning.

  • Is It True That Natural Man Cannot Do Any Good?
  • The Bible is asserting that even acts of civic kindness done by an unbeliever fail to meet the requirement of God’s law—namely, that all our actions must be done with a view to glorifying God. In that sense, even the unbeliever’s good acts are evil.

  • The Old and the New
  • We are not concerned about building mass movements; rather, we are concerned about impact at a local and then a denominational level.

  • When the Bible Is Hard to Understand
  • But surprisingly, over time, my personal struggle to understand God’s word had the effect of increasing my appreciation for my pastors who wrestled week after week to bring greater clarity to God’s word, and increase our affection for it.

  • World Vision Roundup
  • For some reason, World Vision still believes adultery is a sin, presumably because the Bible says so. Why they don’t believe what the Bible says about homosexuality is anyone’s guess.

Movie Bonus:

  • Darren Aronofksy’s Noah
  • Their film will, I think, provoke heated biblical and theological conversations in restaurants and coffee shops after patrons see it. Christians might find it helpful to go see the film with people they know who have a lot of questions.

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