Morning Coffee – 06/26/14

26 Jun

Here are the stories I put in my coffee this morning.

  • Lawless Christians?
  • What is the difference between the sins of believers and unbelievers? When a believer sins, is it the same as when an unbeliever sins?

  • Naming the New Calvinism
  • To identify the current Reformation-oriented crowd as “neo-Calvinist” is to confuse a venerable movement that focuses on God’s sovereignty over creation with a current movement that focuses on God’s sovereignty in salvation.

  • What Does It Mean to Be An “Unprofitable Servant”?
  • When Jesus said that we are unprofitable servants, He did not mean that our service is of no value. Jesus frequently called His disciples to be productive. Rather, He meant that we gain no “bonus points” or merit from our service.

  • Sustainable Preaching
  • An expository message translates a text from the original, analyzes its structure, and draws on literary and cultural contexts to discover and communicate what the text meant both to the author and also the first audience and then what it means to believers through the years, including our day.

  • True Love – 1 John 4:7-13
  • We love them enough to share the hope of Christ. And they might reject us or our message. But we don’t do it for acceptance. We do it because we love them.

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