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Trouble in Narnia

Trouble in Narnia

People are buzzing about Aslan’s (not the lion we all know and love) new book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth since it took the #1 spot on Amazon last week. Justin Taylor weighed in this morning with a few noteworthy citations, including Gary Manning Jr’s response on The Good Book Blog at Talbot. Gary’s review is excellent and certainly worth a click or two.

Although sad, the denial of Christ’s deity among unbelievers should not surprise us. Such is the nature of well… unbelief. It is the liberal who turns his fruit into cake that concerns me. We may even have another uneducated Da Vinci Code debacle on our hands. Gary makes a good point in his article when he says:

Since Aslan is a Muslim, some have responded to Zealot as if it is a Muslim look at Jesus. This is simply not the case; Zealot does not present traditional Muslim views of Jesus at all. Zealot is instead typical of other modern skeptical approaches to Jesus. Aslan is strongly influenced by (among others) John Dominic Crossan, the Jesus Seminar author who has written a number of books presenting Jesus as a peasant social revolutionary.

The Jesus Seminars… a gift that keeps on taking.

Someone wake me when this latest assault on Christ’s deity is no longer popular.

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