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Special Announcement

We interrupt this silence for a very special announcement. We are going to be parents!

That is all.

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Out of Office

Out of Office

Two new jobs, Greek Exegesis, and a mid-semester move between apartments has made blogging nearly impossible. Something’s gotta give and this is it. Posts will be sporadic for the next 10 weeks.

Until then, keep hacking!

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The Birthday Blog

Hacking Agag is one year old today. They grow up so fast.

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Back In a Few…

Back In a Few…

Hacking Agag will be closing shop for a week or so. The end-of-semester crunch monster has tightened his grip around my throat… and I refuse to sacrifice my marriage, sanity, or nightly power-naps on the altar of blogging.

Happy Mondays, Morning Coffees, and ‘the like’ will be back soon.

Is this the end? Not likely.


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Stay Theological, My Friends

Click on the image to admire The Most Interesting Theologians in the World.

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Mount Up

It’s Friday! Don’t forget…

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Magnificent Has a Face

If you haven’t been to Bearded Gospel Men, shame on you.

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