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The Past Approaches

Yesterday, Nathan Busenitz began a series on the importance of Church History at Cripplegate. It is called Dates, Doctrines, & Dead People and worth checking out.

As one of those “first-year seminary students” who will be attending Professor Busenitz’s Historical Theology class in a few weeks… I can’t help but admire his comical description of our impending first day. In an odd way, it’s assuring to know that the professor feels as awkward as I do at the beginning. But what I really appreciate is the relevance and excitement good profs bring to their subject. In his article, Professor Busenitz says this:

Despite the misconceptions they arrived with, church history is not trivial; or boring; or irrelevant. It is so much more than just names, dates, timelines, and charts. Some of them came in thinking, “I hate history.” Maybe so, but this class is not about history. It’s about the church, the bride of Christ, the most precious institution on earth. It’s about what God has been doing in the world for the last two thousand years. And that means it should matter—especially to men who are training to serve in ministry.

That’s good stuff! Hopefully, I can hold onto that relevance while memorizing names, dates, timelines, and charts this semester…

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